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Dancing Through Life

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Rambles

I still remember her eyes…

Sixpence None the Richer’s, Kiss Me, played loudly over the prom night speakers. The beat intoxicated me, as the euphoric song lifted me to dance. Next to me sat an overlooked individual, who stood by watching other’s enjoy life. I pressed her towards the dance floor.

Sixpence None the Richer

Her unsteady hips fumbled to the demands of the music, her movements only able to catch the rhythm every seventh beat. Her feet fought for a place to land as her head stayed locked on me. Her smile tickled my soul as I struggled to keep up. And then it happened…

With precision, I danced to the beat, bouncing in perfect sync with the timing. My hips swayed and my arms flailed through the air, playing it cool. I was on perfect dance-like pitch. And then it happened…

She grabbed my hand and I returned the favor with my other. Suddenly we were locked into each other, our arms now moving in all directions and her rhythm trembling into mine. I tried to fight the feeling but I could feel it pulsating through me. I struggled to keep the beat, to bring her into my notion of perfection. And then it happened…

My eyes traveled up her smile, traced her nose and became fixed on her eyes. My body lost all control and her foot placement became mine. Her smile trans

lated into me. Her rhythm was, soon, mine.

We were in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by a sea of bodies, but only I could feel the earthquake moving us. I let go of my perfect placements and got lost in her dance.

She kicked her feet, and twirled her hips to an unheard song, but never lost the smile.

I was confused…

I had gone to many school functions: homecomings, dinner dances, house parties and classroom dance offs. The best dancers were always praised and the demand to get their attention was high. People would push through the crowd just to get a chance at the dance king of the night. And when the song came to an end, the crowd would cheer, the couple would go their separate ways, and emptiness would take over – the high of the moment slowly fading into a distorted memory.

But not hers, I still remember her eyes…

They let me know it was okay to be quirky, un-cool, unsure, unsteady…off-beat. I didn’t have to be the best looking, best dancer or best dresser. I just had to be present.

She danced with me as if I were the only person in her world at that moment and I danced with her like the jewel she was.

As she smiled into mine, I could see she didn’t care what she looked like or who else was around. If people stared, she didn’t mind, because her security was staring back at her. And my security, in her eyes, was illuminating me.

Nothing else matter.

I didn’t have to because I was there, and so was she. And we saw nothing but each other. And then it happened…

The song came to an end. As the lyrics finished its last round, So kiss me…, we did not obey. But I stood and stared at her not wanting the moment to dissolve.

That instance wasn’t about who was the best dancer, the best looking, the most polished or the richest. It was about trust.

As she placed her hands into mine and I returned the favor, our trust erupted into something beautiful. A sea of me could have rushed out onto her shoulders, engulfing us both, but I knew she wouldn’t let me drown and I would’ve gladly been her life preserver.

As I dance through life, meeting countless people along the way, I don’t always notice the most talented, the popular, the best dressed, the richest or the flamboyant. Sometimes I find myself visually dancing with the meek, mild-tempered, the wallflower, the overlooked, the lovely. I smile as I feel their offbeat movements translating into mine. I listen to their facial expressions and sing with their silent song.

And every time I hear that song… Lift your open hand/Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance/
Silver moon’s sparkling/So kiss me
I still remember her eyes.

And when I get that feeling, dancing through life, I wait for her kiss. Not the superficial kiss of the lips, but the kiss on my heart.

So kiss me…