Mirror Mirror…

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Rambles

My new favorite quote is something I read in The Word for You Today:

“…Some say success can ruin a man. I say [it] reveals who he was all along. Success doesn’t destroy character, it EXPOSES it.”

Don’t you just love those moments when you pass by the mirror and you see a perfect ten – guys, don’t act like you don’t check yourselves out.

You catch a glimpse of yourself and you pause, wanting to live in that one moment for as long as it will last.

You know…you tilt your head, suck in your cheeks, adjust your hair, flex your muscles, squint, taking in all that is you. And if you are like me, you hold that position for as long as you can. You try your best to remember the exact angle, degree and even breath so that you can recreate that exact image throughout the day.

And when your neck starts hurting and your face becomes numb, due to a frozen expression, you can’t help but relax and laugh at how absurd you must look trying to resemble a portrait.

I feel my best after working out.

There is just something about taking a long run, or pumping my muscles up, the sweat licking my body as it travels south, that makes me feel my absolute best. I stare at my drenched face in the mirror as I try to blow the pouring sweat back into place. It’s as if every salty, watery droplet is concealing everything flawed about me, as my chest pats me on the back with the irregular heaves.

Ignoring the soreness molesting my muscles, I can’t help but smile or even laugh at how extremely invincible I feel after working out. Things that weren’t there before have suddenly appeared and everything that I have aimed to correct is suddenly in place. And I actually enjoy the dirt and the funk.

Then my face dries up and the fantasy is lost.

Then there are those moments when I first wake up.

With drool creeping out of my mouth, my eyelids growing closer to shield the intrusive light, and pillow creases pressed into my face, I feel indestructible, alive. It is as if I have conquered a day and look towards another wondering what challenges or adventures await me.

Peering at myself through crusted over eyes, I can’t help but delight in my presence. I look a disheveled mess, but somehow, someway, I am glowing from head to toe – my breathe assaulting my nostrils. That is usually when I say, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, will this day be the best of them all?”

So, I guess I feel the most successful when I am dirty, funky and lost in my own little world.

What does your mirror say?


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